pr2r17-click-to-register-interest-longWhat do you need to know?

We have tried to provide the information you need on our website. If you can’t find the information you are looking for please contact us and we will ensure you get a prompt response. However, before contacting us, do check the FAQs below:

Can I enter the People’s Run 2 Remember on the day?

Sorry, we only accept entries in advance via online entry or postal entry.

When do entries close?

Online entries close at midnight ten days before the date of each run. Postal entries must be received not later than ten days before each run.

What distance is the People’s Run 2 Remember?

All runs are 5km which is 3.1 miles in old money.

There isn’t a People’s Run 2 Remember in my local area. Can I still take part?

Yes! Join our Virtual People’s Run 2 Remember and take part wherever you are, on your own or  with friends. More details here.

Why isn’t there a People’s Run 2 Remember in my local area?

All our runs are organised by local volunteers and, much though we would love to have a People’s Run 2 Remember in every local area, we can only stage a run where we have volunteers. If you, someone you know or a local club or other organisation would like to organise your own local People’s Run 2 Remember then please get in touch. We will do all we can to support you.

Will my time and finishing position be recorded?

No. The People’s Run 2 Remember is a fun run not a race. You are, of course, welcome to time yourself.

When will I receive my number and directions?

All details and directions will be emailed out to runners 7-10 days prior to your event. Numbers and T-shirts will be available for collection on the day. As a charity event we find not posting these out in advance saves a considerable amount of money.

Do I have to run the whole way?

Absolutely not! Although the event is called the People’s Run 2 Remember you can jog it, walk it or even crawl it if you want. The main thing is we all come together to support those who have so selflessly given on behalf of us all. But, of course, you can run it if you want to!

How will I know how far I have run and/or how far there is to go?

There will be a sign every kilometre telling you how far you have gone. These will be large yellow signs with the distance written in black.

CW65Are there any age restrictions?

No, although if you are aged under 13 on the day of your People’s Run 2 Remember you must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has also entered the event.

Under 16s and over 60s also benefit from discounted entry fees.

We like to think of the People’s Run 2 Remember as a community event which is genuinely open to all.

What time does the event start?

Most People’s Runs 2 Remember start at 11.00 a.m. There are some that vary but this will notified on the Locations page as our 2017 locations are announced.

Will there be a secure baggage drop/storage area?

No. All venues offer a place to leave baggage however the security of these areas cannot be guaranteed at any of our venues. Please do not leave valuables in your unattended baggage.

Do I have to raise sponsorship for one or more of the official charities?

While we encourage everyone who enters to raise sponsorship for our official causes, you do not have to.

Will I get recognised for raising a substantial amount of money for the official charities?

Yes. Anyone raising £250 or more through sponsorship for one or more of our official charities by taking part in the People’s Run 2 Remember will receive an exclusive People’s Run 2 Remember Elite Fundraiser T-shirt. Be sure to let us know when you pass the target so that we are aware of your achievement.

Can I get a souvenir T-shirt?

Everyone who enters will receive a People’s Run 2 Remember T-shirt. Just make sure to enter your size when you enter.

Is there a memento?

Yes. Everyone who finishes will receive a commemorative People’s Run 2 Remember finisher’s medal.

Is there a goody bag?

Yes. Every finisher will receive a goody bag.

Are any drinks provided?

Yes. Every finisher will receive a drink of water at the finish. However, please note that there are no ‘water stations’ around the course.

Is there any People’s Run 2 Remember merchandise available?

We do not currently offer any official merchandise although we are looking into the possibility. In the  meantime, why not support our official charities by purchasing merchandise from them via their official websites.

Will there be a charge for car parking?

Every venue is different, please refer to the details for your venue by clicking on the name of the venue on the Locations page.

Will refreshments be available?

Again, every venue is different, please refer to the details for your venue by clicking on the name of the venue on the Locations page.

Will there be any showers available after I finish?

Unfortunately not, shower facilities will not be available.

Have we forgotten anything?

Why not let us know if there is a question we have missed to which the answer might benefit others.

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